PET imaging for your MRI system

Simultaneous PET/MRI has been shown to provide substantial clinical

benefits. Unfortunately, the cost of purchasing and installing an integrated

PET/MRI scanner is unaffordable for most healthcare institutions. Even

though the technology has been commercially available since around 2011,

the high cost has limited the install base of integrated PET/MRI systems to a

relatively few number of academic medical centers.

PETcoil’s patented portable PET scanner can be placed into any existing MRI

scanner to perform simultaneous PET and MRI scans.


Our first product, a PETcoil for the head, allows hospitals to add PET imaging capability to neurological and/or head/neck MRI studies. 

Radiofrequency (RF) -penetrable PETinsert

Phased-array RF receiver coil

PETcoil portable insert



Use existing MRI infrastructure to cost-effectively achieve simultaneous PET/MRI.


Simultaneously acquiring MRI and PET scans reduces overall scan time and improves comfort for patients needing both scans. 



Observe more details in the image, enabled by the better spatial resolution of the PETcoil scanners. 


Add PET to multiple MRI systems or perform PET across different clinical settings. 
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