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Performance characterization of compressed sensing positron emission tomography detectors and data acquisition system.
Physics in Medicine and Biology
August 2015 Publication
Authors: Chen-Ming Chang, Alexander M Grant, Brian J Lee, Ealgoo Kim, KeyJo Hong,
Craig S Levin 
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Simultaneous PET/MR imaging with a radio frequency-penetrable PET insert.
Medical Physics
January 2017 Publication
Authors: Alexander M. Grant, Brian J. Lee, Chen-Ming Chang, & Craig S. Levin
Medical Physics
Low Eddy Current RF Shielding Enclosure Designs for 3T MR Applications.
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
June 2017 Publication
Authors: Brian J. Lee, Ronald D. Watkins, Chen-Ming Chang, & Craig S. Levin
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Performance study of a radio-frequency field-penetrable PET insert for simultaneous PET/MRI.
IEEE Transactions on Radiation and Plasma Medical Sciences
July 2018 Publication
Authors: Chen-Ming Chang, Brian J. Lee, Alexander M. Grant, Andrew N. Groll,
& Craig S. Levin
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